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Mein Schlaues Harfenbuch

“Mein Schlaues Harfenbuch”

(Harp tutor 2009 in German, 120 pages & CD)

 “My little Irish Harp Book” (2018)

Suitable for small harps (e.g. 26 strings), even without levers. Its pace and selection of tunes is aimed at young beginners from 5-12 years.

My little Irish Harp Book

Information on “Mein Schlaues Harfenbuch” (in German) can be found on this page:


Reidun’s teaching activity so far (some “history”):

Rental Harps: Reidun has currently some small beginner harps available for rent or purchase, e.g. a 20 string lap harp for €275, new, with bag and tuning key. Please enquire about rental conditions using the contact form.

Free Sheet Music and Videos can be found on this page:

How to find us: Reidun’s Harp Centre @ “The Green Harp” on google maps:’s+Harp+Centre/@52.0520101,-9.7712855,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4845440fd83cc321:0x6a3758d0559af58b!8m2!3d52.0520101!4d-9.7690969