“Making Progress on the Irish Harp”

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 “Making Progress on the Irish Harp” (Tune & Tutor Book) – Introduction

This book can be used on its own, or to follow “My Little Irish Harp Book” which starts at the very beginning of harp technique and music theory, and is aimed at young children. See also https://harpmusic.ie/my-little-irish-harp-book/

  1. An INCLUSIVE tutor book which encourages the playing of the Irish Harp by people from all backgrounds and ages:

The tunes and arrangements in this book have been chosen to suit very small harps, and even harps without levers. (As standard fully levered Irish harps of 34 strings are a costly investment, many, especially at the beginning, are turning to smaller models (lap harps, travel harps of 22-26 strings). Semi-tone levers add to the cost of an instrument, so many beginner harps have none or only 2 per octave). “Making Progress on the Irish Harp” is catering for this need: no levers are required. Tuning the harp in the key of G will get the player through all the pieces & exercises.

2. EDUCATIONAL/IRISH: A book focussing on Irish Music, while explaining keys and modes used, with useful exercises and explanations around music theory.

Keys for the tunes are not C major-centred, as this would be the case in most methods for classical harp, but have been chosen around keys and modes commonly used in Irish music, G major, E Minor, D mixolydian and A dorian in this particular book.


The idea behind this book is for the Irish Harp to be used not only as a solo instrument, but also to take part in group activities, such as joining music sessions with other players, or to form a duo or a band. With this in mind, the keys used for the tunes were selected to suit traditional Irish instruments such as fiddle, concertina, banjo, tin whistle etc. and chord symbols above the staff can be used by an accompanying instrument such as guitar, piano, a second harp (e.g. the teacher). This way, siblings or friends with different instruments could use the same book and have a lot of fun together!

Check out the YouTube playlist for playalong-video clips for “Making Progress on the Irish Harp”: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4spScelzMXmX4JOOvbcg3wQcVvvnHC-r

Lots of  exciting new tunes and much more:

  1. Buachaill ón Eirne
  2. Molly Malone
  3. The Foggy Dew (March)
  4. Deirdre’s Fancy (Slip Jig)
  5. The Dingle Polka
  6. The Black Velvet Band
  7. An Dro (Brittany)
  8. Eleanor Plunkett
  9. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  10. The Britches full of Stitches (Polka)
  11. Saddle the Pony (Jig)
  12. Tell Me Ma
  13. Red is the Rose
  14. O’Keefe’s Slide
  15. Siobhan Ní Dhuibhir
  16. The Rakes of Mallow
  17. Scarborough Fair
  18. Brosna Slide
  19. The Star of the County Down
  20. Oh Danny Boy
  21. Hardiman the Fiddler (Slip Jig)
fun exercises (half page preview)
lots of Irish tunes (half page preview)

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