Reidun’s Harp Centre: A note to harp students about band projects

Harp lessons and participating in band projects/stage schools etc.

A note regarding participating in school bands, groupa ceols, stage schools etc., with your harp: I strongly encourage students to attend group projects in your area. However, please make sure that we work on proper fingerings & arrangements for these tunes during our lessons. Unless you play harp for at least 5 years, please do not attempt to just learn these tunes on your own. Past experience has shown that this leads to bad habits, technically and musically, which are very hard to get rid of afterwards. Arranging tunes for harp is time consuming and demands expertise, this is what you need a teacher for! Working on repertoire for band projects is additional, not replacing the content of the regular harp lesson, practicing for a project outside the Harp Centre’s activities does not cancel your homework (daily practice is expected from every student). You may consider booking in extra lesson time if working on a project.

Alternatively, we regularly organise harp sessions here at the Harp Centre, I’ll keep you informed on those!

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