Free Sheet Music

On this page you’ll find free sheet music for harp in easy arrangements. Wishing you lots of fun!

Video samples of some of the pieces can be found on:

Mo Ghrá Thú: Play the E7-chord without the third (G#) to avoid lever changes:

Let’s Have a Tune! in ABC-notation

A great resource for music teachers:

I decided to share my tune collection “Let’s have a Tune!” with whoever wants to use it. If you’re into Irish music and able to read ABC-notation, this is for you!

The first booklet is already available for free download (yellow book):

Useful tips:

If you are printing it as a booklet, the left page is for the chord charts, the right side for the melody part. At the end of the booklet you’ll find resources for practicing staff notation (big notes – ideal for kids) and diagrams with the notes & chords used in the booklet).

Suitable for most trad instruments 🙂